Meet The Environmental Hero Who Spends His Sunday Nights Eating Plastic at His Local Landfill


Meet Randy Scott, a local environmental hero. Randy lives with his wife and 2 kids in the small suburb of Shady Oaks, Connecticut. He works as an accountant and on the weekends enjoys barbecuing with his neighbours and making baskets out of hemp, which he grows in a small garden. But in a bid to help save the environment, Randy spends his Sunday nights chomping away at as much plastic as he can find.

It all began after a family trip to the Bahamas went awry, after a small whale washed up on the beach wrapped in saran wrap. With no help around, Randy sprung into action and consumed all the saran wrap covering the whale’s body before releasing it back into the ocean.

“When I got home I decided enough is enough,” Randy tells us from a large rocking chair made of popsicle sticks on his front porch. “After the moving experience I had with the whale, I knew I had to do something.” And so, in a bid to save the environment, Randy set out that night in his Toyota Prius to his local landfill where he ate a shit ton of plastic.

Once he devours all the plastic locally, Randy plans to move to sucking the CO² out of tailpipes to curb growing concerns on climate change. You can donate to Randy’s cause at to help allocate funds to move more plastic to his local landfill to be later consumed by Randy.

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